Smart Ads is an Automatic Facebook Ads Manager for Shopify Store owners, who feel they have a great store but not enough sales.

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  • Updates your products to Facebook ads daily.
  • Automatically creates dynamic Facebook ads and sets the strategy to get the lowest Cost per Add to Cart and Purchase
  • Automatically learns who is your "most likely to purchase" audience
  • Shows the right products to the right people and always improves
  • Re-targets to people who showed interest but haven't purchased

Serving leading ads platforms around the world

Smart Ads technology is the backbone of leading advertising platforms arond the world, now serving businesses directly on Shopify

How It Works

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Research Strategy

Smart Ads sets the right audience research strategy based on your business evolution



Automatically adapts to target people who are similar to people who added products to cart, purchased or visited your store



Communicates a full overview in one-screen of your advertising state and history

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Frequently asked questions

Chazing smart advertising creates 3 campaign types for your business, each includes the best dynamic ads, learning audiences and marketing strategy to optimize your online-sales driven campaigns, our team of experts will constantly monitor and upgrade to get the most Sales and Add To Cart for every $.
ChaZING Smart Ads is an advanced system able to learn the optimal target audience for your business based on customers interactions with your ads, catalog, store and Facebook page combined with the vast Facebook understanding of our shopping habits. We use the most advanced ads types for Products and online sales, Collection and Dynamic Products ads will display products based on each of your customers interest, meaning that each ad will look diferent, this all translates to driving more and more sales as ads become more liked
Charts and results table update every hour, please refresh this page to see the last update.
Branding... One of the most important aspects in advertising is the quality of ads material. It is highly recommended to write engaging messages, and shoot / design / purchase photos in a smart, proffesional and relevant way that will attract the customers who are expected to purchase. It is important to use high quality pictures and describe your product in clear, fun and short manner. The product text and photos will update daily on Facebook ads.
ChaZING Smart Ads terms of service, ChaZING Smart Ads is following Facebook Ads terms of use, please note that product photos should contain less than 20% text area.
We recommend starting with a minimum of $15 daily budget for a month to get the initial exposure and allow the systems to learn the optimal target audience for your business and products. After 1-2 months, depending on the budget, you can start evaluating your profit from the total sales, and add budget accordingly or wait for the campaigns to improve. There is no point in working under this budget on Facebook, look forward, set targets, improve and expose your business to customers, improve your photos, suggest texts and My Smart Ads, with our team of marketing experts, will do the rest.
Facebook advertising, like Google advertising, is a grand public auction, where all advertisers, big and small, join to win. On the other end, Facebook users define how many ads on Facebook they like to have. As long as your ad is relevant for the selected viewers, Facebook will deliver more views of your ad with lowers cost to high-quality customers. We can say that Facebook advertising can be expensive because they want high quality and interesting ads reaching their users and your customers, and when it's expensive for advertisers, we all take care to improve our ads and better target to our audience.
To verify that your pixel is properly set for the selected Ad Account, Click "Online Store" in the left menu -> Preferences , scroll to Facebook Pixel section, enter your pixel ID and click Save, Facebook recommends having no more than 1 active pixel in your store