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ChaZING Smart Facebook Shops

Advanced Ecommerce, Marketing & Ads made Simple and Cheap...
with ChaZING's Ultimate Business Promotion on Facebook

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The power of
Social Selling

ChaZING is all about minimizing Facebook Ads cost for every Sale you make

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Join 15,000 happy Sellers

ChaZING! save you time and money on Advertising & marketing experts while increasing sales by up to 500%

Everything you need to Sell Online

  • A Smart Shop on Facebook

  • Target high-quality potential customers on Facebook

  • Fast and Secure Shopping Experience

  • Add your ChaZING Shop to your Website

  • Custom Designed Canvas Shop Ad *New

  • Mobile Friendly
    E-commerce Shop

  • Add Products and start selling in 10min

  • Accept Payments on Facebook, with PayPal or Instamojo (India)

  • Increase sales x5 with Smart Facebook Ads Tools

  • Schedule Products share to Facebook

Set up your Smart Shop, and start Selling Today!

  • $19/m!
    The real deal
  • 200 product

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  • Business Shop +
  • Products Upload solutions
  • Join ChaZING's Marketplace on Facebook *NEW
  • Enhanced SEO
  • PRO
  • $37/m!
    Market Leader
  • 500 products

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  • Advanced Shop +
  • Dedicated Canvas Shop ad - include all your products in one Dynamic Products Ad *NEW
  • Dedicated Product Uploads
  • Support Priority

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